The company produces desiccant packed (silica gel)

Desiccant pack has been widely used in daily life, in industrial production. Desiccant pack available from the food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment to the skin shoes in your home.

Why package desiccant to be so widely used? it is produced like?

The danger of moisture and the use of desiccant pack
In Vietnam, humidity fluctuations during the year, even during the day. Here with high temperatures, hot and humid, and rainy is the common characteristic of a tropical monsoon.

With temperatures and high humidity will very quickly so that a piece of cake to overnight mold, a pack or a drug that was damaged in a very short time.

Moisture accompanying the high temperature environment is ideal for size Nano microbial activity, they multiply very quickly in high humidity environment. It was dangerous for food, clothing as well as human health.

bánh mì bị mốc
Moldy bread quickly when exposed to high humidity
So: reduces humidity, reduced temperature reduces the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, which cause food to be preserved longer, more efficient appliances, as well as more safety for health. The reduction in temperature we are still frequently used to preserve such products are: Refrigerator. Also reduce moisture, they must do? that is to use the package desiccant


Use desiccant package reduces humidity, increases shelf life.
Desiccant pack is often used to preserve the product in a simple principle: lowering humidity.

Active desiccant package in 60 days, helping to preserve optimal product
From 80% moisture will quickly cause the humidity down to 40-50% is a great environment for the product (not dry, but still prevent the spread of microorganisms).

Desiccant package we often see made from desiccant silica gel , a gel glass, through chemical methods, flush to create nanoparticles gel with very little size hollow cavity. Thereby forming the so-called holes: Nano will dry dry environment as well as the arrest of moisture.

The dry Nano will attract water molecules, lock them in myself and that is the basis for lowering the humidity and increase shelf life.

Not simple, but the manufacturers to add more packages desiccant into the box pharmacy is not it.

Silica gel desiccant packs 2 grams
Company production of silica gel desiccant pack.
Desiccant pack widely used that they become great products except production series. So it is difficult to find products with guaranteed quality, origin clearly.

The use package of silica gel desiccant float will cause loss of money, which products are stored effectively.

The search for production companies, factory package of silica gel desiccant reputation in the market, and many long years of professional experience is essential.

Come to us: The company produces packs of silica gel desiccant in HCMC. Will bring the best quality products, the highest moisture absorption simultaneously with the most preferential prices.

You will receive a free trial samples, free advice how to use and how to preserve the appropriate product.




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